Kua Fu: signal Kua Fu, Kua Fu chasing the sun, takes time, and the sun walker, can walk fast.

  "ShanHaiChing • overseas by the north, Kuafu chase the sun" set: the earth gave birth to the letter, the letter had Kua Fu, Kua Fu is to subdue the sun, let no longer in the winter cold, let the summer is not hot, let the night is no longer long, let the four seasons such as spring, bright Yongzhu, flood away, drought level. Father is tall and strong God, he is brave and fearless, dare to challenge the sun; he is full of power and grandeur, can drink the water; he have great magic power, but also to Deng Lin after the death of cane. Pay attention to the time and the sun walker, can go fast; the more the faster, the more the stomach empty, so you need to and receive more water (water can be used for knowledge, skills of symbol, receiving water is to learn knowledge and skills); and only get more water, can and time of race, can not backward in time. This is the "Stealing Fire Hero", is China Plo Michel J.

Xing and Xing, and fortunately, the integrity of the enterprise market Xing, Xing is the enterprise prosperous market, enterprise's employees to be happiness.

  Ginkgo tree: tall, leaf like a fan, the tree developed, super vitality, leaves, fruit, roots, stems, treasure, is an ancient and magical tree species. The moral image of the tall, strong willed, great boldness of vision.


1.Company Spirit

Shine with the Sun, work with Risun

2. Willing and Mission

Risun is the entrepreneur dream homes,

Risun is a person with breadth of vision to display 

their talent, incubator self display,

Risun is your trustworthy friends and partners,

With zero defect products to our customers,

With rich return to all the shareholders,

The harmonious atmosphere to build value platform staff,

With a grateful heart to repay the society.

3. Core Value

Green Risun, Grasp Future

4. Risun essence

Your and my sunshine, common career,

Sincerity oriented, trust optimalizing, are our 

spirit building enterprise.

5. The moral pursuit and enterprise image

A green enterprise with the social responsibility

6. Culture and Atmosphere

Respect open contain passion

7. View of talent

Executive Professional Dedicated Bear Cooperation

8.Performance concept

There is only sympathy, no respect if it’s not work out well.


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