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【Risun passes the inspection from world's top 500 once again】

   In sunny March, Jiangxi Risun Solar Energy Co. Ltd.Ushered again in the factory inspection from the strategic partner of theworld's top 500 Haier by the standard of the Germany TUV Rheinland. Despite ofseveral project cooperation with Haier in the past, there were variousstandards for factory inspection specifically for different types of projectsand different circumstances, in Haier Company. In the two full-load days of factory inspection, many departments were involved, such as the quality,production, procurement, planning, warehouse, business, human resources, etc. Haierand Germany TUV Rheinland fully inspected every aspect, in every corner of thefactory, from production site to document. Finally, we, Risun, again passed theinspection of Haier, drawing a satisfactory conclusion to the factoryinspection!


  It is known of Haier's high quality standards andstrict requirements. The inspection was as specific as a label or a number, or as big as enterprise development strategy, which is all included in Haier's standards and requirements. Because any small detail cannot be neglected, I think it is why Haier has been leading in front of Chinese enterprises for somany years, as one of the reasons for example of Chinese enterprises!


Despite of cooperative partner relations, Haier with us cooperation many years. But Haier did not lower their requirements and standards for factory inspection. And they kept stressing that the factory inspection is an important task, mission and responsibility. After two busy days of inspection with Haier and Germany TUV Rheinland, we think it is quite possible to pass. The representatives of Haier said it was hard to predict the result before the final conclusion; however, if we passed the inspection like before, they hope we, as always, would keep strict production of every detailand procedures in the production process, to provide customers with the best products and services; because it would be their full responsibility andproblems in case of any accidents in the cooperative enterprises. 


As a strategic partner for so many years, our company has been keep business contact and communication with Haier for a long time. Risun  also fully agree with Haier culture and strict requirements on the quality of Haier products, which I think is why Risun and Haier can keep cooperation for so many years. In our own perspective, we and Haier require the same target that is to provide quality products and services for our customers, as well as optimal customer experience and excellent cost performance. Risun  will always follow this principle!


As Risun advertisement said. "Choose Risun , Choosethe quality!" We will not lessen the strict requirements of product quality, which, we think, is the survival reason of the enterprise, the lifeblood of each enterprise! Hand in hand development, win-win cooperation!Wish brilliant future for our cooperation with Haier!

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