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【Risun Sparkling Hyderabad】

  As winter days gone, everything is revitalizing. In this April when amazing beautiful sceneries are present, Risun Solar Energy exhibited its brand-new image in Hyderabad, where an international exhibition was held. With splendid show case and numerous new products, the overwhelming Risun Solar Energy is undoubtedly one of eyecatchers in Hyderabad.

New Products

In addition to conventional solar cells and modules,Risun Solar Energy launched numerous new products that were well prepared and developed with mature technologies, including [Diamond Wire Cells][4BB Diamond Wire +PREC+ BlackSilicone Photovoltaic Module], [5BB Diamond Wire + PREC + Black SiliconePhotovoltaic Module], [4BB White Double-Glazed SolarPV Modules] and [4BB Mono Crystalline PREC Black Cell Module]. Risun Solar Energy has always been confident in its products, such as solar cells characterized bystable performance and lower attenuation, which represents Risun’s major advantages. [According to the report titled Preliminary Analysis on Performance Attenuation of Crystalline SiliconPhotovoltaic Modules Based on Test & Evaluation of Thousands of PV Modulesthat Have Been Used for More Than 20 Years], which was released by Professor Shen Hui from Solar Energy System Institute, Sun Yat-sen University, it is found among the Risun polycry stallinesilicon modules he collected of last 30 years that the lower attenuation they exhibited signified for stable performance of crystalline silicon solar cells,which are capable of sustaining over 30 years’ normal working. This is afurther evidence for Risun product performance, which can assure customers of carefree using them.

Today when new technologies and new products are increasingly emerging, what Risun Solar Energy is always attentiveis massive production and R&D of new products, technological upgrading andaccurate prediction of market trend. Take diamond wire as an example, it is undoubted that diamond wire solar cells and modules are a market trend and focus for upcoming years.

When compared to conventionalwire-cutting processes, the diamond wire cutting technology has advantages asfollows:

1.High cutting efficiency2.Lower material consumption & high cell output;

3. Less environmental contamination4. Upgraded product quality

Above mentioned arepartial advantages of diamond wire. Seen from successful cases of monocrystalline in the photovoltaic industry, it is a future trend that diamondwire will enjoy huge market demands. Those manufacturers who launch andimplement mass production of relevant products as early as possible and customers experiencing as soon as possible will take the lead in terms ofin comes and opportunities. Having taken the lead in R&D, technology, massproduction and application of diamond wire products, Risun Solar Energy nowachieves matured product technology, mass production and relevant applications.Risun’s new products & applications that were showcased in Hyderabad Exhibition have been highly recognizable by customers. Risun’s product samples that were dispatched to many customers have gone through client-side tests and no problem has been found, and new customers also expressed their greatinterest in Risun’s new products. Risun Solar Energy will not launch newproducts until we are matured in R&D, product technology and mass production, and our customers are also expected to have an earlier experienceover new products. That is why we always emphasize on a sound customer experience and better benefits offered to customers for multiparty win-win.

New Company

        At the happy occasion of Hyderabad Exhibition, Risun Solar Energy has made a progress in establishing a new branch.  Our new subsidiary, Risun Indiawill be founded in 2017.  At present,Risun Solar Energy has many business opportunities and customers in India,among which all top-level PV enterprises are cooperating with Risun.  With reliable product quality, perfect services and customer experiences, Risun Solar Energy is penetrating into Indian market. The successful experience of business model in Indian Market will be learned when expanding international business. Aside from product quality, we are perfecting customer experience, delivering customers a truefeeling that Risun Stands for Quality, which is represented not only fromproducts but also from services.  Whether dealing in domesticbusiness or in international business,we always live up to our commitment.  Aswe are deeply aware that longstanding and sustainable development depends on better customer experience, so does business growth

Mutual Benefits & Cooperation for Win-Win. We believe that Risun Solar Energy shall, aided by everyone’s care andsupport and guided by the business philosophy of Shinning like the Sun &Making Painstaking Efforts, strive for a more splendid future in 2017.

【SNEC-Risun Solar Energy Invites You to Win Awards atN2-560】

 “SNEC 11th (2017) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition will beheld at Shanghai International Expo Center during April 19-21, 2017.

Expanded from 15,000 square meters at the 1st session 2007 to 150,000 square meters at the 10th session in 2016, attended by total 1618 enterprises from over 90 countries and regions across the world, 30% of which are international exhibitors, SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition is an internationalized, professional and large-scale photovoltaic event most influential in China, in the Asia-Pacific region and even across the world.

Risun Solar Energy carrying numerous new products will be present at the exhibition, andyou are welcome to visit the booth(N2-560)for exquisite gifts.

2016-SNEC Risun Booth

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