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[Greeting from America, together with China’s warmth]

In April, Mr. Sky and his father, who came from the U.S. California, and visited our company, were warmly welcomed by CEO Zhang Zhongliang and business people of International Business Department.

Their visits to our company aimed at field investigation and discussion about further cooperation with our company. CEO Zhang Zhongliang delivered warm welcome and heartfelt greeting to them arrived at from a long distance.

When heard of efforts to come and visit Risun made by Mr. Sky’s father though age dover 80 years, CEO Zhang expressed his admiration and appreciation.

About half a year before this visit aiming at reaching cooperation, Mr. Sky has begun to get a full understanding of our company’s technical background, products,technological advantages and market shares. This field investigation has deepened his understanding of our company. When informed of our company maintaining a long-term strategic cooperation with Honeywell, one of Fortune 500 Companies also based in U.S., he thumbed up.

Our company always attaches importance to developing the American market, one of Risun major markets. The business philosophy of win-win cooperation is whatwe’re always sticking to. We welcome everyone interested to join us! With you,Risun is brighter than ever before.  

International Business Department

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