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Warm Welcome to Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate General in Xiamen together with Thai Business Delegation




On June 14, Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate General in Xiamen, who was accompanied by a Thai business delegation, came to investigate our company.

Led by Consul General and Deputy Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate General in Xiamen, this business delegation has a strong lineup comprising of over 20 business personnel.

A cordial reception was delivered to Thai Kasikornbank, Thai Gana Industrial Group and Yogo Wealth International Holding Co., Ltd. and so on.


Having visited our cell manufacturing line, module manufacturing line, Goldsun self-tracking photovoltaic power station, the delegation gave us a high appreciation.

We all know that Thai is a rich provider of solar energy sources, and Thai Government is actively pushing development of solar energy. According to Thai official planning of new energy development, up to 2020, about 20% of consumed energy will be renewable energy sources, which solar energy is an important part. 


Through this business travel, Thai governmental officials and business personnel deepened their understanding of Risun, laying a solid foundation for consequent cooperation.

ASEAN is a critical part of international business market in Risun’s perspective. We wish to partner with businesspeople both at home and abroad, complement each other’s advantages for win-win cooperation.




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