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       Xinyu city 30MW smart micro grid project, is the company in 2012 by the state approved the construction of the Xinyu City financial policies for energy saving and emission reduction demonstration project, the distributed generation system, the smart micro grid, energy storage system, control system, distribution management center, intelligent building, electric vehicle charging pile construction content is composed of intelligent system, software maturity, the hardware of high degree of automation, reliability. System through accurate analysis of power transmission, park, electricity, electricity storage time changes, the power dispatching, the final allocation and adjustment by the terminal control unit, to maximize the smooth operation and new energy to power system utilization.



      30MW optical storage and smart micro grid is different from other network characteristics and network switch is off, the vanadium redox flow battery energy storage of novel, load control system to ensure the reliability of electricity. System of intelligent embodied energy battery coordination control in a variety of storage, guarantee the stability of output of the photovoltaic system. Can access multiple groups of photovoltaic power station information, remote monitoring and control.



      Power shortage not only affects the normal life of Tibetan people, more seriously restricted the development of industrial economy. Some 1000 km from the city of Lhasa enterprises, due to the absence of large power grid electricity load support, limited by the industrial production, the production scale and efficiency has been largely restricted. In 2013, Risun got opportunities for cooperation, actively cooperate with the enterprises, after 3 months of market development and project site, Risun ultimately determine the construction investment in the region of 40MWp photovoltaic power generation project.



       Project site area up to 3122 hours of annual sunshine peak, while the area of industrial production of electricity load huge. A project 5MWp has been completed, the annual generating 12488000 degrees, saving 4495 tons of standard coal, corresponding to 12450.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, dust emissions 3396.7 tons, 374.6 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, emissions of nitrogen oxide 187.3 tons, saving 49952 cubic meters of water.




      Risun is the leader in the smart micro grid construction field, has a strong technical team, gathered a group of materials, polymer, semiconductor and electronic power technology experts and engineers and senior management personnel, mastered the core technology, have a first-class equipment.

       At the same time, Risun selected strategic partnership is led by Yu Yixin, academician of the Academy of Engineering 973 Chinese chief scientist Wang Chengshan the Tianjin day large realistic power new technology Limited by Share Ltd, the company has undertaken a number of national 863 and 973 project, is a pilot field of integrated micro domestic network system. The strong cooperation between the two companies, the technology and equipment provided by one of the biggest advantage is to have extreme weather control mode, to adapt to high altitude, large temperature difference area requirements, as the western remote from the net area of the industrial use of electricity to provide a reliable guarantee.

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