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  • Feb. 9- Visit of Indian Customers:


      On February 9, three Indian customers JAGMOHAN, RAJESH and V came to make investigations andnegotiations in Risun. The team of International Business Department welcomed the guests who came from afar.


      As is known to us, India has unique natural conditions in the solar energy field, with adequate illuminationand extremely rich solar energy resources. The development rate of the solar energy power generation in India has huge potential. The sunlight of most of the regions in India per year can reach 300-330 days. If it is transformed to the electricity power, it is equal to over 5,000,000 billion KWH, far more than the power consumption amount of India each year. The Indian government greatly promotes the new energy construction, especially the construction andapplication of solar energy power generation. At present, the construction and growth of solar energy in India occupies a large proportion in the world.


      Staffs from International Business Department firstly introduced the conditions of Risun to the customers in terms of production capacity, research and development,technology, market and other aspects in the conference room. At the same time,in the process of negotiations, the staffs further understood the customer needs. JAGMOHAN, RAJESH and V came with full preparations. RAJESH said that this time, they came to China to investigate PV and made a special trip only to Risun, because they had also indirectly understood the products of Risun and had done much work before coming. They had also known about the notability of Risun in the Indian market and product quality, so their goal was very clear: through field visits, they hoped to further understand Risun, while discussingthe follow-up cooperation.


      As a pre-entrant in the Indian market, Risun Company, with its excellent product quality and visibility in the Indian market, has attracted a large number of customers in India. In India, the world's top 500 enterprise Tata, India's largest solar energy company Adani and India's local first-line solar companies (most) are the co-customers and partners of Risun, which illustrates its quality and visibility ... This is also a very important reason why the guests came from afar to visit it.


    Feb. 14- Visit of CanadianCustomers:


        On February 14, the big customers from Canada came to make investigations and negotiations in Risun. Chen Chun,the deputy president of the company, Peng Hua from International Business Department and Yu Rihui from Photovoltaic Applications Engineering Co., Ltd received theguests from afar.


         The Canadian customers visited this time in order to investigate and understand the production lines and products of Risun and its conditions in terms of distributive, household system.


         Staffs from International Business Department and Photovoltaic Applications Engineering Co., Ltd took the customers to visit the battery and component production lines, and the different types of photovoltaic power plants made by our company inside and outside the factory while giving explanations. It includes the largest double-pumping tracking photovoltaic power plant (rurallight complementary) that our company constructed in the national Golden Sun project, the fish light comple mentary station and the large-scale power stationin Houshan as well as the roof distributive power station within the factory. Through the field visit and explanations of the different types of power stations, the customers knew more about the conditions of our company in terms of various distributive stations. At the same time, customers and our staff also discussed about the international market products and distributive conditions.

     In fact, our company has deep foundations in thedistributive aspect:


          1. Our company is among the first batch of companies that win the Golden Sun demonstration projects: since the beginning of 2009,our company began to actively prepare for applying for the Golden Sundemon stration project. The successful application of double-pumping tracking photovoltaic power plant of 2.59MW made it the largest double-pumping tracking photovoltaic power plant in China.


    2. It took the lead to successfully enter the household system field: in June 2012, the company went to Tibet Autonomous Region to participate in photovoltaic household system bidding. At that time,over 80 units nation wide participated in the bidding. Our company became one of the six successful units, with the premium soft and hard power. We got the eighths ection in the bidding, with a total of over 35170 household systems.Later, over 10000 sets were added.

          The assembly products are applied in Tibet Plateauand under go the tests of terribleclimates: in 2012, we provided over 35170 photovoltaic household systems for Tibet Autonomous Region and added over 10,000 sets after that.


        3. On May 29, 2013, Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission printed and issuedImplementation Scheme of Roof Photovolt, thus formally launching the roof photovoltaic power generation demonstration project in Jiangxi Province. The company is one of the first batch of component suppliers for household photovoltaic power stations in Jiangxi Province.


         4. In 2016, Jiangxi JTPCC undertook the first batch of distributive projects of the expressway in Jiangxi Province, the components of which were provided by our company. This project was even reported by CCTV at that time.


    Wesincerely welcome each guest who comes from afar! At present, our company is actively conducting the alliance work of dealers and agents both at home andabroad. Our company welcomes and supports those who have cooperation intentionsin the distributive aspect!

    International Business Department

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