An International Business Team Came to Discuss Partnership with Us
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    An International Business Team Came to Discuss Partnership with Us

    In June when passion is likely to be aroused, Risun warmly welcomed an international business team for America’s Projects.

    Guided by governments at both sides, this business travel is expected to partner with us for developing American projects and the market potential.

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    Our company gave a heartfelt welcome to this business travel.

    Meanwhile, Risun would like to express sincere thanks to governmental supports.

    The field investigation in two batches by this business team aimed at in-depth analysis and discussion of American market with us.

    In America, Honeywell is always an important partner and a strategic client for Risun.


    In past years, Risun  , one of Honeywell’s top quality suppliers, was awarded the Sales Excellence Prize by Honeywell due to its best quality and high-efficient delivery. This prize is also an approval of our executive force.

    Of course, Honeywell is just an example for our company to win business success in America.

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    Through partnership with us, this business travel aimed at win-win & multi-win, which is also our business purpose. 

    The business team came to learn of our company’s processes, technologies, quality assurance and something about EPC.

    This business discussion focused on how to utilize our company’s matured technologies and experience in solar energy and relevant system, and how to leverage the counterpart’s capitals.

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    Let’s start from scratch when facing long tough march!

    Risun has always been sticking to the Differentiation & Segmentation strategy, penetrating international market step by step by providing quality products and services.

    Let’s complement each other’s advantages for win-win cooperation.




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